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More than words...
We go into action to show our gratitude to our loyal customers.

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Fidelity Reward Card

Our loyal Contact Lens customers can benefit from collecting stamps on VISIQUE Optometrists' FIDELITY REWARD CARD when purchasing Contact Lenses and Solutions to get FREE Contact Lenses or Solutions.
Don't forget to stamp your Fidelity Card. It is really worth it...  

Optical Shops in Hamra

Corporate Eyecare

Not only does VISIQUE Optometrists provide very professional eye care services by top Certified Optometrists and Opticians but we also offer Corporations a number of discounted rates and many other benefits.
If you would like your company to be a part of our CORPORATE PROGRAM Contact Us.

Optical Shops in Hamra

Horizon Plus Blue

The Network Installment Card
Buy your Eyewear or Contact Lenses fromVISIQUE Optometrists
using the Horizon Plus Blue Card fromBank Audi and pay in equal monthly installments with 0% interest

Optical Shops in Hamra

MedMiles Cards

Use your MedMiles Cards from Bankmed at any of VISIQUE Optometrists branches and multiply your miles by  5x!

Optical Shops in Hamra

VISIQUE Gift Voucher

It is not always easy to find the perfect gift!
At VISIQUE Optometrists, you make sure that your gift is used every single day.
You can either pick the gift or you can let your loved ones select their own choice of eyewear, sunglasses, and contact lenses by providing them with VISIQUE Optometrists Gift Voucher.

Optical Shops in Hamra

Audi Rewards

You can redeem your points that you collected with Audi Rewards with our wide selection of eyewear, sunglasses, and contact lenses at any VISIQUE Optometrists location. Contact us or visit a store for more details

free shipping online orders
free shipping online orders