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Low Vision Aids

Our patients see the world better !!!!

With the latest technology, we closely work with our patients to maximize their remaining vision.

Visique Low Vision Aids
Low Vision is a loss of functional vision that persists with the correction of distance refraction. The primary causes of Low Vision are eye diseases, but Low Vision also can be inherited or caused by an eye or brain injury. VISIQUE Optometrists is very well equipped with the latest technology of Eschenbach, a leading supplier of optical products-both in Germany and abroad, that provides a large and diverse range of magnifying vision aids to allow its patients to have the optimum solution for meeting their everyday vision requirements.

Why Restrict your activities?

Are you having difficulty with reading, writing, watching TV, spotting objects from a distance, and are NOT enjoying your hobbies? With the correct optical device and training, many Low Vision patients can once again perform routine daily activities and regain much of their lost independence.

What to expect in the 1 hour low vision Exam?

  • A complete comprehensive history of the visually impaired person.
  • The cause and effect of the impairment would be determined in order to implement a complete subjective refraction with the aim to get the best possible retinal image.
  • Measurement of the visual acuity with the best lens prescription that will help determine the required magnification.
  • Testing the patient's ability to comprehend the best possible visual aids needed for any required tasks.
  • Finally the Selection of Low Vision Aids by the practitioner and the visually impaired person.

free shipping online orders
free shipping online orders