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Liliane Tanal Barake O.D., M.Sc.

Founder and CEO

Liliane Tanal Barake is a Doctor of Optometry. She graduated from the School of Optometry at "Université de Montreal” in 1997. Liliane holds, as well, a Masters degree in "Corneal Physiology” from "Université de Montréal”, completed in 2002. While completing her Masters degree, she worked with a high number of patients with corneal distortion, especially keratoconus. Moreover, she worked as a clinician in the contact lens department in the School of Optometry at "Université de Montréal”. Liliane was invited to speak in many occasions in ophthalmic conferences and meetings in the Middle East. Afterwards, she moved to the United Arab Emirates to work as a Managing Director in a well-known ophthalmic company.

Today, Liliane Tanal Barake is the founder and CEO of VISIQUE Optometrists, Ashrafieh, Hamra and Naccache. Her aim is to open optical boutiques that offer the most professional and refined service insuring the highest level of clients’ care and satisfaction. Liliane’s main expertise is fitting specialty contact lenses such as soft, toric, multifocal, and regular and scleral gas permeable designs.